With the creation of accruals at multiple places of the application, CargoSoft offers the option to work with the accruals at any time within the files or across the files – without opening a specific file.

The aim of the accrual entry is to always receive a balance overview on a daily basis in the expenses and revenues section.

Accruals are mainly created for outstanding incoming invoices from suppliers and for the partial distribution of the profit to own foreign stations.
Accruals can also be recorded for outstanding outgoing invoices.
NO cost splitting or profit sharing can be carried out here!
The balance of each file can therefore be determined promptly and according to source.
With the creation of accruals in CargoSoft, the employee can see the account sheet and which margin is to be expected in each file.
The topic of accruals includes the entry, distribution, cancellation, the blocking and listing in CargoSoft.

The closing and partial closing of accruals is explained in the incoming invoicing/payables.

The procedure and the effects for further processing and editing are similar in the entire application.

For this reason, the topic is explained once in this section and provided with links to the relevant topics.

Terminology Accruals

The term accrual describes expected expenses and revenues.

Where in CargoSoft can accruals be created?

There are 3 options to create an accrual in the order.


Open the file directly in the order and select the main tab Account sheet → Create accrual tab.


Accruals can also be created in the Environment menu → Invoicing → Create accruals. (= multiple entry)

3Accruals can be created in the order in the invoicing → voucher header data per voucher type.

In which files can accruals be created?

Accruals can generally only be created in files that have an account sheet.

Do not enter accruals in a consol

A function in the basic data controls if an accrual can be recorded in a master or sub file of a consol.

Activate the checkbox No entry of accruals on consol in the basic data Number range tab in BRANCHES and accruals can be created on the sub files and not in the main file.

If the Create accruals tab is activated in the account sheet of a consol, a message appears whether accruals should really be entered.
→ There is no lock function here!

Lists of accrual details in the Environment menu → Controlling

To track all applied accruals, CargoSoft provides reports in the form of Crystal Reports lists, which are structured according to different criteria.

In the menu Evironment → Controlling you find

  • Differences
  • Open accruals
  • Open accruals Excel-import format
  • Open accruals at end of accounting period

Store printing order in eFile

A printing order for the accrual can also be stored in the eFile of the corresponding file.

This refers to the forms:

  • RUECKSTA (Create accrual)
  • RUECKSTS (Cancel accrual)
  • EFRUECKA (Dissolve accrual with payable)

For these forms, the eFile‑checkbox must be activated either at Dialogue or CargoCom.

The print control can be configured via the standard entry REPORTS or, if necessary, an entry in the report ID (e.g. EFRUECKA) in the menu ADMIN → FORMULARE → FORMULARE.

Setting in COMPANY → INVOICING → Administration tab → Checkbox Print accrual upon entering

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