Open accruals can directly be processed in an incoming voucher and dissolved subsequently.

With this function, the data of an accrual is automatically drawn into an incoming voucher and a voucher item is created for the accrual.

The voucher is saved, posted and the accrual is dissolved.

There are different ways to use this function.

The Search files tab opens.

Pls enter your search criteria and press the F3 key.

In the search result activate the checkbox in front of the file number to mark the appropriate accrual.

In the context menu select the entry Create payable.

A payable with data of the accrual(s) is created automatically.

Save the voucher → the payable is posted and the accrual(s) is/are dissolved. 

Display of the Overview accruals tab (of one file):

It is also possible to select multiple accruals in Search files for one incoming voucher.
The prerequisite for this is that the accruals have the same address.

Account sheet in the order → Open accruals tab → Create payable


Select the entry Create payable from the context menu.

An incoming voucher with the data of the accrual is generated.

Further procedure as explained above.