With this program, incoming vouchers are recorded in CargoSoft.

There is no other function in the program that is otherwise possible.

CargoSoft enables to record and book incoming vouchers (payables*), i.e. invoices and credit notes.

* In the CargoSoft Application Order Entry (Sea, Air, Road, Rail) all procedures of booking incoming vouchers are titled Payables. This term is to be understood compliant to the term Incoming Vouchers and Incoming Invoices.

Our basic settings in the incoming invoicing are presented here as a prerequisite for creating extensive informative documentation that covers all possible work processes.

The process that results after expanding some of the default settings is explained logically based on one another.

We think every customer is able to find itselve in its workflow.

The display of the mask in the incoming invoice entry is very flexibly adapted to the working methods of our customers and can be varied using the basic data settings.

The different settings and processes will be visible through these explanations in every company that works with the entry of incoming invoices.

We have made some basic settings so that the presentation and explanation of the processes for the documentation in explained in a logical manner.

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